Dregan Distillery: from the cauldron of tradition, elite liqueurs

Dregan Distillery: from the cauldron of tradition, elite liqueurs


Located in Romania, the Dregan Distillery proudly offers its excellent products, as the result of the wise union between tradition and quality.

These are liqueurs with a strong taste and aroma, made according to tradition thanks to the precious recipes and methods preserved by popular memory and the use of special cauldrons.

The Dregan Distillery also guarantees the high quality of its spirits through the accurate selection of the best raw materials.

Thus is born Dregan’s palinca in its various aromas, given by the best fruit: apples, pears, cherries, apricots, and obviously plums.

An extremely valuable product, intended for an elite market and designed for a selected group of special customers, who are fond of strong tastes and intense aromas.

To preserve such a particular product, the Dregan Distillery therefore needed an elegant closure, capable of creating a perfect combination with the rest of the packaging, perfectly matching the line, in particular of the label.

Ipercap has therefore created two different types of wooden corks for Dregan.

On the one hand, for the Cāmara Zânelor line – peach palinca and cherry palinca – an elegant sphere with a diameter of 42mm, painted in clear brown and laterally customized with a hot stamp in gold, dominates a classic synthetic stem with a diameter of 25mm.

Dregan Distillery Elite Liquors

On the other hand, a classic flat wooden head – size 45x18mm – painted dark brown, with double customization in gold hot stamp, 20mm synthetic stem, was instead dedicated to the Zimmerman’s quince palinca.

Dregan Distillery Elite Liquors

A perfect harmony, the result of a serene and fruitful collaboration, on which the Dregan Distillery expresses deep satisfaction, both with regard to the product itself, and more generally about the relationship with Ipercap.

And at Ipercap we are pleased to be able to put our seal on a traditional and national Romanian excellence.