Elegance in HD: Our laser customizations

Elegance in HD: Our laser customizations

Elegance in HD: Our laser customizations

Product customization has always been one of our strengths. And among the techniques we offer, the laser one allows us to best realize the wishes of our customers.

For this purpose, we have recently acquired a new machine: fast, of the latest generation and which allows us to create high definition engravings.

Almost all of the laser customizations that are requested of us concern our wooden heads, but the technique can also be used on different materials (e.g. polyester). In addition, it is possible to engrave both natural and painted wooden heads.

We can therefore make incisions both on the flat face of the head and on the side, therefore along the entire circumference of the cap. The heads on which we can engrave have dimensions between 24 and 60 mm in diameter, and 10 and 30 mm in height.

Do you need to customize larger caps instead? No problem, we can work them with other machines.

Furthermore, for the standard measurements performed by the new machine, a simple PDF or JPEG file is also sufficient (i.e. not necessarily a vector PDF). We can engrave on your cap writings, both full and empty, logos and small drawings, with a good quality and definition of the details.

As always, our search for improvement is constant, just as our efforts are aimed at improving our techniques and our products, in order to offer you ever more beautiful, precise and elegant caps.

So feel free to think in HD. With Ipercap it is possible.