Our wooden caps: the comfort of creativity

Our wooden caps: the comfort of creativity


Our wooden caps are quite a demanded product that we are very proud of.

And not only because wood – a noble material – allows us to create beautiful and elegant products, even in their simplicity. But above all because those products are born from A to Z right here, in Ipercap.

In fact, two years ago we decided to embark on a new adventure, starting to create our wooden heads directly at our own site. Thanks to this, today we boast a possibility of realization that knows no limits.

We offer a wide range of products and customizations: there is no need that we cannot satisfy. Our wooden heads can be made of beechwood, ash or oak. Subsequently, they can be painted for a further customization of their color (black, light walnut and dark walnut, cherry, elm).

Furthermore, making your cap unique with writings or logos is certainly not a problem and here too we offer you numerous possibilities. We can carry out laser, pyrography or hot stamp customizations for you, even on the side surface of the cap. For a further touch of elegance then, we can add bands and tags, directly embedded in the wood.

Not a simple accessory, but a precious detail to worthily guard your product.

We often happen to create highly customized wooden products for the cosmetic industry. It is therefore possible to give a distinctive touch to your home fragrance diffusers by adding colored rings or in customized shapes to your cap.

Finally, we are also no strangers to the creation of magnum-sized closures (up to 60x40mm).

Our in-house production of wood is an added value which distinguishes us from other companies, guaranteeing us an advantage in competitiveness. Moreover, it allows us to easily satisfy every request.

Versatility, creativity and specialization in customization are our key points.

And we proudly offer them to our customers, to help them realize the – wooden – cap of their dreams.

You think it, we create it. For you.