Excellence Keepers – Mazzetti d’Altavilla, a luxurious tradition

Excellence Keepers – Mazzetti d’Altavilla, a luxurious tradition
Excellence Keepers – Mazzetti d’Altavilla, a luxurious tradition

A long history, which started before Italy’s National Unity, merged with a precious tradition, lovingly guarded and nurtured for seven generations. Today Mazzetti d’Altavilla distillatori dal 1846 is an all Piedmontese Italian excellence, proudly standing towards the future, trusting in the solid roots of the past.

The numerous and prestigious prizes testify the vivid passion and care of the Mazzetti family in carrying on their mission of “adding new pages to an exciting story”, teaching Italy and the whole world about the perfumes of their homeland: Monferrato.

Collezione «Storie di Vitigno», Original Mazzetti, Radici are some of the collections of special spirits that Mazzetti offers to the world. Traditional and aromatic liquors, but mostly aged, special grappa. Excellent products coming with luxurious, refined and cared for in detail packagings. And this is where Mazzetti meets Ipercap.

To keep the extraordinary products of Mazzetti Distillery, Ipercap has designed three special closures:

  • An extraluxury dark walnut wooden head, surrounded by a shiny golden band embossed with the name Mazzetti.

  • The second closure is a wooden head as well, customized through pad printing on the side, and mounted on the iconic Ipercap pourer, which always guarantees a perfect drop cut, efficiently avoiding unwanted leaks of product. The non-standard size makes this cap even more unique.
  • Finally, another walnut wooden head pourer, but with a very peculiar square shape, specifically modeled on the bottle’s shape and profile.

Following this fruitful collaboration, Nicoletta Mazzetti states with satisfaction that she has found in Ipercap “a flexible and creative partner, who supports the customer and takes their requests to heart, processing them step by step”. The search for perfection and ease of customization also distinguish the creative relationship between Ipercap and Mazzetti d’Altavilla.

Ipercap is undoubtedly honored to have had the opportunity to create special products for the excellence of the Mazzetti Distillery, once again accompanying the customer from the idea to the creation of highly personalized packaging objects.