What we do

Jewels made to preserve

We are specialised in designing and making highly customized caps, true tailor-made jewels, created to preserve the excellent products of our customers.

Our closures are ideal for many destinations of use. We produce caps for spirits, liquors, oil, vinegar, cosmetics and perfumes – for home fragrances in particular. Customized caps and closures, expressly designed to enhance, enrich and embellish. Our goal indeed is to make both your product and its whole packaging captivating, original, simply unique.

We offer the specific product for every need, hence studying the best solution, perfectly integrated with the whole packaging. Threfore a product which is beautiful and functional at the same time.

Caps hence become a precious accessory and a medium of communication. They have the power to attract the attention, to fascinate the final consumer and so influence his decision of purchase.

Furthermore, our constant and ongoing process of Research&Development of special caps allowed us through the years to explore and use different materials. Wood, plastic, glass, metal, synthetic materials. Manufactured and combined together, they offer to our customers the chance to express the message they want to convey with their product.

The available customizations are not limited to the materials. They also extend to shape, colour, dimension. We can also make for you caps customized with signs or logos through several material-specific techniques.

Entrust us with your ideas or show us your needs. We have the power to make the cap of your dreams come true. A unique and precious jewel, tailor-made just for you.



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