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Silk-screen printing aluminium

Serigraphy is a printing technique of a permeatrical type that today uses as a matrix a polyester fabric stretched on a wooden or metal frame, defined as “silk screen” or “silk screen frame”. Screen printing compared to other printing technologies allows to check and choose the thickness of the deposited ink.

Relief aluminium

Embossing is a printing process that is practiced with the impression of colorless and protruding images on the surface of the cap. The impression is obtained by compressing the material between a cantilever punch and a recess: cliché and countermatrix.

Low relief aluminium

In this case we use the same technique of embossing but with inverted cliché and countermatrix.

Pad printing aluminium
Pad printing

Pad printing is an indirect printing process, which allows to reproduce with high fidelity and resolution, drawings, writings and decorations both on flat surfaces and on concave, convex or in any case irregular surfaces. It is possible to execute it on wooden heads and plastic heads.

Pyrography wood

Pyrography is an engraving technique able to engrave, through a heated cliché, logos and writings on both natural and painted wooden heads.

Laser aluminium

This technique allows us to engrave logos and writings on the caps heads with very high definition. This technique can be used on wooden, glass and aluminum heads.

Hot stamp wood
Hot Stamp

This technique, used mainly in the cosmetics industry, allows us to reproduce logos and lettering on the heads of caps, even with very bright colors, silver gold and many others.

Cold engraving woodx
Cold engraving

This technique, used on wooden heads, allows us to engrave logos and writing in bas-relief.